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Our UV Tanning Experience

Luxura V7 - Vertical Tanning Bed

The Luxura V7 is hugely impressive. Inside the vertical tanning cabin, there is a lot of space which means that customers can move around freely during the standing tanning session. It’s a special experience for our customers, with 48 tanning tubes producing an even tan all over. The decorative lighting draws extra attention to this attractive sun shower as it stands there so beautifully illuminated. Containing only 0.3 EU Approved, Maximum Power Tanning Tubes.

v7 luxura stand up sunbed

Ergoline Excellence 800 Turbo Power

ergoline excellence body contoured laydown sunbed

The Ergoline Avantgarde is not only visually stunning and comfortable.

The bed boasts 51 sunbed tubes, three  facial tanners and additional facial and neck tanners which help to develop a beautifully bronzed tan. The unique feature of the Excellence is inside-the-cabin regulated facial tanners. The facial tanners come in 1-3 power scale. This sunbed also offers a 1-9 Cool Fan option. The most comfortable body contouring laydown available in the tanning industry. Containing only 0.3 EU Approved, Maximum Power Tanning Tubes.

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